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Sunrise Express has always been focused on building simple and effective channels for our valued clients to interact with us seamlessly and efficiently.

Freight transport fast quotation channel


Sunrise Express prides itself on its ability to give accurate, reliable quotes within 15 minutes of request. Put us to the test!


Freight location channel in 15 minutes


Although Sunrise Express has a fully functional web portal and a quick track website; we want our clients to be able to get clear, accurate responses to their specific requirements. Therefore, should you need to determine when a specific delivery will occur, send a mail to location@sunrise-express.co.za. Within 15 minutes one of our team members will give you, our valued client, a specific and accountable answer.


Urgent delivery solution channel


When you have an urgent delivery, collection or a requirement that is outside the norm, let us know by sending us an email to icu@sunrise-express.co.za so that we can ensure that an accountable, driven process is put in place, to ensure your specialized requirements are met.



quick track to locate your shipments

Quick Track

Our newest web-based innovation focuses on giving our clients a view of all shipment movements through our network along with POD functionality.


Collections channel with 15 minute response time


To arrange your collections, it is as simple as sending a mail to collections@sunrise-express.co.za and within 15 minutes a reference number will be provided confirming the collection and requesting additional information if required. Our well trained team will do the rest.


proof of delivery documents sent within 15 minutes


Our clients can get their PODs by either using our web portal or our Quick Track site. However, should they be unable to access the information, please just send an email to pods@sunrise-express.co.za and our team will send the POD within 15 minutes or ensure that your POD request is expedited.


freight transport distribution into Africa


Our horizons do not end at the border, neither do our clients. If you require assistance with your distribution into Africa or to set up a distribution network into Africa, let us know on africa@sunrise-express.co.za.


My Sunrise portal for all shipment resources

My Sunrise

Our powerful web portal allows our clients to interact directly with all the relevant resources relating to the services we provide you.
The web portal includes full functionality across the following activities:

  • The control of collections
  • Invoicing and Billing.
  • Proof of deliveries.
  • Waybill generation and control.

Let us know if you need us to arrange training and access to the portal for you.


Contact us now to get a quote in 15 minutes

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