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Sunrise Express provides Road Freight and other related freight services to a select client base across a range of industries. We strive to form deep relationships and understanding of our client needs in order to provide them with a seamless service offering that they can rely on. We want to enable our clients to focus on the execution of their business strategy without being tied down by the challenges around freight services.

To achieve this outcome, we combine our comprehensive network and our unwavering commitment to service excellence to provide our clients with bespoke solutions to all their distribution requirements.

Our commitment to a Partner Driven Relationship with our clients means we will never succumb to the lure of the quick sale. This ensures that we always deliver on what we commit to do.

Our success is determined by the quality of our relationships we have with our clients, not by the scale of our client base.










Partner Driven Freight Services.

We demonstrate that it is possible to build true partnerships with our clients that are driven by:

  • Total Trust.
  • Comprehensive Understanding of the Clients Business Imperatives, Strategy and Tactical needs.
  • Growing clients’ businesses by allowing them to focus on what they do, safe in the knowledge that their distribution process works.
  • Providing seamless consistent service and solutions across a full spectrum of the clients’ requirements.
  • Keeping organisational structures and Information flows in a manner that answers to queries and concerns are never more than 3 touch points away no matter how complex or simple they are.

We act in the present but are always focused on the future. We innovate constantly with measurable results.

We live our values of Commitment, Drive, Communication, Smart, Care, Innovation, Humanity, Transformation, Information, Energy and Purpose.











Sunrise Express was founded in 1993. The development and growth into the company it is today has been driven from day one by passionate attention to client services and partnership by its team.

Julian Serman, our founder, was not unknown to personally do urgent deliveries and to drive linehaul vehicles through the night to make sure his clients got the deliveries they urgently required. This ethos continues to drive Sunrise Express and is the basis of our commitment to get the job done 24/7/365. Whatever the urgency, crisis or emergency, we provide a solution.


Our values: commitment in freight services

Clients know that we do not let them down – Whatever the Urgency, Crisis or Emergency we provide a solution! We are available 24/7/365.

Our values: driven in freight services

Nothing angers us more than letting clients down. Our business has this as part of its DNA. We do not let people down. We continually strive to meet expectations and when we don’t; we make sure we fix it quickly!

Our values: communication in freight services

Proactive, Transparent and Consistent Communication is our Hallmark. We set ourselves apart by ensuring that Reactive communication takes no longer than 15 minutes to provide and Proactive communication is carefully calibrated and designed so as to be useful and easy to process.

Our values: smart in freight services

We radiate Organisation, Structure and Cleanliness.

Our values: innovative in freight services

The constant question – Is there a better way? We challenge ourselves daily to determine if there is a smarter way to serve our clients and to make our processes efficient. We do not accept the Status Quo!

Our values: caring in freight services

Clients consignments are cared for as if they are our own. Clients trust us with their consignments and we ensure that we handle and treat those consignments as if they belong to us.

Our values: human touch in freight services

We care for our team members and clients in a deep and meaningful way. We see the human dimension beyond the working relationship.

Our values: transformative in the freight services

Driven Partnerships allow relationships to reach levels of integration and symbiosis that are transformative for both organisations and individuals.


Our values: energy and purpose in freight services

Our environment radiates creativity and positivity. We are constantly innovating and are open to change. There is a glow that people get when they know what they are doing and why they are doing it. Sunrise Express has this glow! We do our work with intensity and passion!


Our values: information centre for freight services

Technology and Systems are constantly upgraded to ensure accessibility, relevance, accuracy and speed. We continually strive to maintain our position as an industry leader in the way we collect, organise and use information.


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